Photo shoot details

Day: Saturday, 14th July
Time: 9:30am Complimentary Breakfast, 10:30am-12:30pm Paid Location Shoot
Location: TBC - Cafe + Melbourne Museum (Carlton Gardens)
Duration: Around 45 minutes at Cafe for drinks/food and maybe some candid photos +  Around 2 hours of shooting footage/photo.
Payment: Total Payment $100 + Complimentary Lunch
Transportation: Can meet you at breakfast location or pick you up if you are nearby.
On the day: You will be working with only the photographer (more details below)


We are a new brand inspired by design of all facets and heavily influenced by travel. Our focus are carry goods such as bags and drink bottles.

The product

The product you will have on the day of the shoot are below, tote backpack (maybe) and a drink bottle.


On the day

9:30am - 10:30am: We will begin at a cafe location (TBC) for food/drinks, it will be good to get to know each other prior to shooting also capturing some candids in the cafe while eating/having coffee.

10:30am - 12:30pm: We will explore neary location, looking to go to Melbourne Museum in Carlton Gardens, so we will find a cafe near there so we can make our way on foot and get some exploring photos.

Previous City Style Photoshoot

The Photographer


Johnny Danger

I am a Designer based in Melbourne and often do photography.
View some of example of my work below.


My Style of Shooting
You will be working with just me on the day, I will be shooting with only natural light and with one backpack for camera equipment, I don't need to assemble cumbersome equipment between shots so we can move around efficiently as we explore. There is no formality when it comes to these type of shoots for me, I like to chat and make it casual to keep it more candid as possible while we walk around looking for any suitable spots to take several snaps then quickly just move onto the next.

Outfit MoodBoard

If you have something you're comfortable with or a style you want to suggest because you may have a better idea feel free to show me. 

The model

Hair & Makeup: As we are not providing hair & makeup, this will be entirely up to you, you can be in something you are most comfortable in.

Outfit: Wear something similar to the mood board we created (does not have to be exact), just no prints on clothing such as large text or distracting graphical elements

Model Release: You will need to sign a model release (Link here for review) form to allow us to use the images for social media advertising. You can go over the form before the day of the photo shoot.


We will be using the images for marketing purposes such as social media etc.

We have a section on our website we are creating for photoshoot galleries called 'Stories', we will have a mini blurb and viewing gallery for these photos

We can supply you with all the photos in high resolution JPEG, and you may use them for your portfolio etc.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Contact Photographer on Instagram: