We make minimal products for design and travel enthusiasts to share our love for traveling and passion for good design.



Why we do what we do

Exploring is at the core of our ethos combined with our love for all things creative, we exist on this foundation and believe that everyone is naturally creative and curious so we set out to create products to share with people during their everyday adventure. We dream that we can become the symbol of inspiration for like-minded individuals through our own journey and our collection of products.

 From the Balcony of Berlin

How it started

On a cold winter morning overlooking the city of Berlin from a small hostel balcony, Nomad Society was hatched by an Industrial Designer who was a student at that time while traveling through Europe with some classmates. Inspired by the city and the style of living from place to place like a Nomad, we were motivated to combine everything we love from photography, design and traveling to create something which soon became Nomad Society and was established in Melbourne, Australia. Now we dream to connect with people from different parts of the world and create new stories with them.


Being part of the solution

We have traveled and met some of the most amazing people and seen the most astonishing places on Earth, but also have witnessed the shocking and unfortunate truth that most people live without basic human necessities that we sometimes may take for granted like having clean drinking water, sufficient food or adequate shelter.

We care about people who may be less fortunate in developing countries and because of this, we try to do our best to become part of the solution by lending our helping hand. We will make a donation with each product sold, all donations come directly from our profits and go straight into the hands of a non-profit organisation. Read More


Travel is our ultimate inspiration.